About the comic: 

Scape takes place in the world of Deusmar, once ruled by magic and mystery but now industrialized and inventive. Sula Lakeman is a resident in the capital of Ampherdale, which in the past thirty years has been undertaken by a mysterious epidemic where humanesque monstrosities emerge from heads as they sleep. 

Sula, trying to pave her own path in this crazy adult world, is suddenly undertaken by a new arriving threat and is plunged into the civil war between man and monster. Loyalties will be tested, and the fate of Ampherdale could very easily lay on Sula’s shoulders as she, unwillingly, unravels the history of this town. 

About the author:

Sup! My name is Lauren and I hail from Ohio, that corn-laden wonderland where Hell is Real but at least there’s some cool roller coasters? I’ve always been intrigued by the study of surrealism and dreams, and ironically this stories inception came from a random dream I had. 
I’m a recent grad from Columbus College of Art and Design, with a BFA in illustration and minor in creative writing. I pretty much spend all my time drawing or writing, and in the perfect world that’s all I would be doing 24/7. 

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