Posted December 22, 2020 at 3:34 pm

Hello 2024 - The Future of Scape



Sometimes Scape resurfaces as a project I ruminate about, and 3-ish years out on indefinite hiatus I've had a lot of time to figure out just...why.

It's been a period of growth on my part, where my relationship with comic work was not good. A lot of it was mental health, a lot of it was life happenings and a full time job post-grad, and a lot of it was just a dissatisfaction with everything that made me...ME. Comics have been kind of content-locked behind some paywall in my brain and while I keep promising "hey, I feel it coming back!" I know Scape is not going to be a part of that formula. My pride kinda stood in the way of that inevitable fact, because putting a project down, for lack of a better word, fucking sucks!

In the interim though, I've done a lot of work to reform my relationship with my creative work. Doing it for ME first and foremost, and not to generate an audience or even income. I hardly post to main socials anymore and keep a lot of my art and character ramblings to incessantly ramble about to friends. I've learned a lot about myself from a personal perspective, and creatively in execution and a lot about what makes a story stand on its own, and my god I feel a lot better about the direction of a future story when that cap comes off of the comic section of my brain. My priorities shifted in what makes a story Good, and funnily I think if Scape ever DOES bounce back it may take an entirely different direction.

Being out of college 4+ years now has given me time to reflect that I just...want to make art for me, because I love doing it and always have. There ARE projects I want to do, and I think the path has been cleared for some sort of fruitful future.

I still love Scape, and I'm shelving the concept for future potential, but my interests and priorities have shifted and, whenever it happens, something new may be on the horizon.

Thanks to folks who still follow my work, even without a comic behind it. I love comics so much, and the ability to tell stories and share those stories. I've met a ton of cool and creative people because of Scape and that will always be the greatest takeaway from this experience. I've lived and learned and am relatively hopeful for the future.


UPDATE 3.26.2021

Hello! It has been a minute. 

I just wanted to do a quick update on life--and the life of Scape, because I feel like I owe any waiting or new readers a little rundown so it doesn't seem like I disappeared off the face of the earth, haha

2021 was very heavily a year of working on myself. I had to be a little selfish and take care of myself and improve things within my life, and Scape was feeling more like work than something fun. Depression is a difficult thing to overcome especially when it starts impacting your creativity, and being creative lately has felt like pulling teeth. 

I never want to make any promises, but I definitely don't want to just abandon this project. In fact, I have some behind the scenes work on Creative Things that'll come to fruition pretty soon, and I'm excited to share. 

It's a slow go, and still hard, but I'm just happy to say things have looked up a bit and my confidence slowly improves.

But yeah, Scape has been far from my mind while I just work on getting through my. Me. Especially since I work full time on top of that. It impacts me a lot, I miss the project a LOT. But, depression.

I truly appreciate the support this comic has had til now and I hope all of you are hanging in there with life as well.

Bye for now, and thank you!

- Nuke

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