Posted April 5, 2020 at 5:30 pm

Update 6/17/2020

Just another quick update, I apologize for all the delay! It's been crazy, obviously, and while I was planning to start uploading again this month due to recent events I feel it's more important to amplify and give a platform for the folks who need it most. 

Aside from the world craziness, life has still been hectic BUT improving, slowly but surely. I'm trying to refine some thumbnails for this chapter so I can create batches to get ahead a bit. I'll be moving around the beginning of August, so I wanna get ahead of that while I can as well as doing some freelance work.

Shit's crazy, man! But I promise Scape will be returning soon, I'm so sorry for making everyone wait.

In the meantime, amplify those who need their voices heard and help donate, advocating for change! 

Here is a handy link to donate in support of protesters and Black lives: https://linktr.ee/blacklivesmatter

And for pride month, a handy collection of donation links to support Black LGBT+ https://linktr.ee/btfacollective


Hey guys, I know it has been a month or so since Scape went on a sudden pause. I figure I would give a formal explanation so you know I don’t intend to end Scape! 

To start with the obvious, Covid19 caused complications, I was let go from my full time job due to it. But other personal life things, family, relationship, have thrown a curveball at me and has left me feeling strained to work on Scape while not all mentally there, when it should be a fun thing.

Thats it, really! I apologize for the radio silence, I’m usually active on Twitter where I keep things most up to date. The world is in a weird state, and while I suddenly have ample time to create, it just can’t be a priority at the moment as I work to take care of myself. 

Take care of yourselves, and others in these weirdass times. I am in the process of working on myself, and hope to get a buffer set up so Scape can be back in action. Thank you for reading, we will get through this!

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