That's it for Chapter 1!
Posted December 22, 2020 at 3:34 pm

That's a wrap for chapter 1! (or book 1, rather)

I won't ramble on too long or anything, this chapter in particular has been a journey in itself as something I started back in college and workshopped several times throughout. This thing has been through a lot of fixes and redos, I'm pretty sure I drew the prologue 3 times--the third being my senior thesis project. I personally believe the setup of a story is vital, and I finally feel satisfied.

I think I mentioned before I'd talk a bit about whether I think it's smart to restart a comic or not, as some say it is a death sentence. My short answer is this:

Just do what you think is best.

If it's your project, you are the judge of your time and the story at hand. If it feels like pulling teeth trying to work around something you aren't happy with--in my case art wasn't the problem, it was the writing (okay it was the art too but it was still passable)--then you will not be happy. You are also the judge of yourself, and if you think you can handle stepping back and starting from scratch, can anybody REALLY stop you?

It is true that restarting can potentially be a death sentence, it took a lot of heavy consideration for myself to start over. I had the means to motivating myself by making the new prologue my thesis, something I was REQUIRED to finish, lol. I wanted things set up a certain way that would effect things later on and get a better sense of pacing and the main characters.

Is it perfect now? NOPE. In fact if I had all the time in the world I'd probably do it again. I almost made this chapter TOO long. But I am satisfied. Much more satisfied than my first attempt, and I think I'll thank myself later down the line. I got a better feel for my characters and I think the reader has too. 

I tend to romanticize my life and situations a lot, and really like to live up to the whole 'do what makes you happy' type thing. We are only on this rock for so long, if you think you can handle taking the time as a drawback to redo a story or comic, then that's up to you. Follow folks advice FOR SURE, but know that nothing is really stopping you if you think it's for the best.

That's all!

Anyway! I am still taking a few character questions that I'll be going through for next week as well as taking guest art submissions!

Just a little something to celebrate if you so wish, but absolutely no obligations. 8x11" format, PNG 300dpi is what I'm taking! 

Thank you guys for reading! It makes this whole process fun. And especially thank you to those who stuck through the hiatus this year, it was rough to do but necessary for my own sanity, lol.

Onward to chapter 2 where things get INTERESTING.

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